Heather Cowper - Cool Travel GearI’m so pleased to share with you my brand new blog at CoolTravelGear.net.

What’s this blog all about? This is where I want to share with you things that will be useful and enhance your travels, whether it’s travel gear that makes your life so much easier, travel apps that will get you the information you need on the road or travel information products that will help you travel better, faster, cheaper.

I’m Heather Cowper and you may already know me from my other travel blogs at Heather on her travels where I share inspirational travel destinations that I’ve visited or from My Blogging Journey where I give you my tips on how to build a better travel blog.

Why Cool? I want to help you find the very best travel products, the most fun, most interesting, most useful, to help you get the most out of your travels.

Some of the articles you find here will be reviews by me of travel gear that I’ve personally tried and other articles will be by other travel bloggers, as I want to cover a broad range of travel styles and interests.

Thanks for following along and wishing you happy and cool travels

If you’d like to contact me, you’ll find me in the following places;
E-mail: Heather(at)Heatheronhertravels(dot)com
Twitter: @HeatherCowper
Facebook: Heatheronhertravels
Google+: Heather Cowper
Youtube: Heatheronhertravels
iTunes: Heather on her travels Podcasts
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Linkedin: HeatherCowper
Heatheronhertravels.com – Travel Inspiration from Europe and around the world with travel tales, videos and podcasts
Mybloggingjourney.com – How to build a better travel blog

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